HVAC / BeMS Optimisation gave Superdry 14% reduction in electricity

Superdry saved £65,537 in a year with a ROI <4 months!

Optimised Buildings deliver solutions and services to optimise facilities reducing operating costs and improving efficiency of plant, while ensuring a pleasant comfortable environment for building users.

We have worked with many major organisations, achieving amazing results demonstrable both in terms of cost and environment impact. Typically, all financial outlay can be recouped within the first year through the optimisation of existing assets and systems.


Superdry is a major fashion brand, with about 139 owned stores across UK and Europe, alongside 208 franchised stores and 168 concessions. Initially they tasked Optimised Buildings to reduce their energy consumption by 10% in 10 of the stores over a period of 6 months.

A Tridium Niagara BeMS (Building energy Management Systems) was already in place, with remote access available; therefore, it would have been expected that there was little room for play in making savings. Each store had a main incoming electricity supply metered, with the majority having an HVAC sub-meter. This data was logged and ‘pushed’ to Optimised Buildings cloud based ‘Optimised aM&T’ (automatic Monitoring and Targeting) software, creating a baseline to work from.

Then the ‘Optimised Analytics’ platform was implemented. This monitored the BeMS and HVAC systems using intelligent algorithms and rules that were customised to suit Superdry’s application. The cloud-based platform tracks the performance of assets, equipment and systems. Anomalies in plant operation are quickly spotted, saving energy and reducing the chance of malfunctions escalating and reducing maintenance costs.

When the systems were in place, it was possible to begin optimising the assets. The baseline data and energy profiles for each store were analysed, identifying energy usage outside store trading hours. Timings and temperatures were aligned to match these hours. A close eye could be kept on the correct use of override systems and ensuring heating systems were not operating at the same time as cooling systems.

The Optimised Bureau’ was then able to monitor the performance of all the stores HVAC, BeMS and lighting circuits and continues to do so. Ongoing operational efficiency can now be maintained and any issues arising identified.


In the first 6 months 11.1% savings were made! This has led to a further 16 Superdry stores being optimised and savings rising to 18.2% for the second phase in just the first 2 months.

The net business impact is an overall reduction of 14% reduction in energy consumption. This has all been done through optimising existing assets and systems.


“Very interesting and innovative software and services, highlighting lots of issues I wasn’t even aware of and was unlikely to be, without Optimised Buildings. Even stores that I thought were working efficiently had scope for further savings, very enlightening”.

Paul Thomas – Energy & Environment Manager for Supergroup PLC

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